Posting a long-term supply job

Written by
Gavin King

Opogo supports last minute 7am covers and any planned absences, as well as long-term supply jobs at your school which may vary from a few weeks to a year or longer. Today you will learn to post a long-term job using the Opogo Webapp.


Let’s get started


Step 1: Once you logged into the Opogo WebApp you will land on the ‘Add a job’ screen. Click on the blue button at the top of the screen labelled ‘Post long term supply job’.

Step 2: Provide us with information about this long-term job role by filling in all the necessary fields:

1. Choose the job role and any additional tags like SEN, year groups, subjects and skills.
2. Suggest a job title.
3. Provide us with additional requirements in the description box that you would like our consultants to know about when recruiting for this role. Here are some examples that you may want to share with us: experience required, candidate specification, specific requirments for this role, proven track record in raising attainment, and/or must-have traits.
4. Select the duration of this job and the numebr of days you would like the Member to work in a week.
5. Choose application close date.

Once you are happy with all the information – click ‘Post job’ and this will send the job to our consultants. This step is crucial to ensure all the information is correct and consistent.

Step 3: If you have provided enough details for your job, our consultants will begin to search for potential Members and will get in touch shortly. However, if we need more information, our consultants will contact you for clarification.

Happy booking! If you are still unsure on how to book from the Opogo Webapp or if you want help, please get in touch with one of our consultants.