Pre-book someone from your Talent Pool

Written by
Gavin King

Have a Member in mind who you would like to book from your Talent Pool? Check if they are available to work in a glance and invite them to a specific job.

Note: Please keep in mind that a job is created for each Member you invite. If you would like to invite multiple members to one job booking, please create the job first using this guide here: Booking daily supply teachers instantly.


Let’s get started


Step 1: Login to the Opogo WebApp you will land on the ‘Add a job’ screen from here you will be able to see the ‘Talent Pool Members’ section on the right side of your screen. Here are two different scenarios depending on your experience with the Opogo WebApp.

No Talent Pool Members are showing for me: The reason for this is because you need to add Members to your Talent Pool first. Navigate to the ‘Talent’ section and add Members directly to your Talent Pool via ‘Recommendations’ or ‘Explore Talent’ sections. Our consultants are constantly recommending Members for you to add to your Talent Pool, so please make sure to review these Members as soon as you can.

Talent Pool Members are showing:  Awesome from here you can pin specific Members, check their availability, and book an individual onto a specific job.

Step 2: Select the Member you would like to send a job offer to. Please remember this method only allows you to invite one Member to one job!

In this example we are specifically looking for our two favourite Primary Teachers – Vanessa and William. I selected the days that I would like them to come in and teach, which is highlighted in blue. A pop-up will appear at the bottom of the screen. Click the blue button and you will be redirected to a ‘Review details’ page.

Step 3: Now is your chance to add any additional information for your booking(s). This will help the Member understand the job better and what they are required to do/teach. Once you are happy with all the details on this page, click ‘Create jobs and invite members’. This will send the job offer out to these Members and notify our consultants to ensure everything is correct.

Happy booking! If you are still unsure on how to book from the Opogo Webapp or if you want help, please get in touch with one of our consultants.