Signing off your timesheets

Written by
Gavin King

No need to organise a mountain load of papers. Opogo understand the difficulty of handling printed documents, so as part of our service we only offer paperless timesheets. The process is super simple, every Tuesday you just have to login to the WebApp and sign-off any timesheets that have been signed-off by our Members.

Let’s get started

Step 1:
 Login to the Opogo WebApp and navigate to the ‘Timesheets’ section in the top navigation bar. You will see two columns: In progress and signed-off.

Step 2: Select the timesheet you would like to sign off. In the example below we clicked into the timesheet W/C 2 March. As you can see 3 out of 4 Members have signed off their timesheets through the Opogo Mobile App. 

Step 3: Although we’re still waiting for Helen to sign-off her timesheets, we can still sign-off the other timesheets by clicking on the circles – they’ll highlight blue. To confirm your decision, please click ‘Sign-off timesheet’. Please check back later to sign-off Helen’s timesheets, once she has signed hers off.

Note: We send out two notifications to our candidates to sign off their timesheets on Friday and Sunday to ensure the process runs smoothly for all parties. In most cases they would have signed off all their timesheets by Monday morning, ready for you to sign off on Tuesday.

Note: Since we are still waiting for a Member to sign off their timesheets, this timesheet will remain ‘In-progress’.

Step 4: Once Helen signs off her timesheets, you will be able to sign hers off too. Once every Member is signed off for the week, the timesheet will move into the ‘Signed-off’ tab.

Happy signing off! If you are still unsure on how to sign off timesheets from the Opogo Webapp or if you would like to ask a question, please get in touch with one of our consultants via WebApp chat, email or phone.