Quick book daily supply cover

Written by
Gavin King

There are three approaches for booking daily supply cover, and it’s down to your preference and your booking requirements which route you choose. Most importantly, regardless on the route you choose, your dedicated consultant is notified when you send a job, and will be chasing candidates in the background making sure your booking is filled.

1. Create a new job from scratch 
If you’re new to Opogo this is a great way to get started. Keep reading below for a step-by-step guide.

2. Pre-book someone from your Talent Pool
Once you have set up your Talent Pool, book your favourite cover staff directly onto a job. Show me how


Create a new job from scratch


Step 1: Once you sign in to the Opogo WebApp you will land on the ‘Add a job’ screen. Simply click the green button in the top left corner, ‘Book daily supply cover’.

Step 2: Select ‘Primary Roles’ ‘Administration’ or Secondary Roles’ (‘Primary Roles’ is selected by default).

Step 3: Select the ‘Job role’ and enter the duration of the job. You can also add specific requirements like special educational needs, age groups, subjects, and skills depending on the job role. Please note, if your school has multiple locations or multiple greeters set, you will have two additional drop downs ‘Location’ and ‘Greeter’ (this is useful when your are booking staff for multiple schools).

Step 4: Once you have added your job requirements, the WebApp will automatically start searching for available Members who match your job requirements. 

If your Talent Pool is set up, you will be presented with everyone in your Talent Pool who is available to work (and those that aren’t for your transparency). Members in your Talent Pool have the invite box pre-ticked so you can quickly send an invitation to all the available Members.

Step 5: You can also invite Members from the ‘Recommended’ & ‘All Members’ tab (as well as your Talent Pool) allowing you to customise who you send your job out to.

Step 6: Set the ‘Reply time’. This is the amount of time the candidate has to reply to your job offer. Once the reply time expires the candidate can no longer except the job. For instance, if it’s a morning emergency booking you might give 15minutes to reply, where as a pre-book for a future job you might want to give 4 or 8 hours to reply. 

Once you click ‘Confirm & send’ the selected Members will be notified via their Opogo Mobile App where they can view the job details and either accept or decline your offer.

And remember, when you send a job to a candidate your dedicated consultant is also notified, so they will be chasing the candidate/s in the background making sure your booking is filled.