Time saving features added to our Opogo web app in February 2020

Written by
Gavin King

We’re super excited to share with you the latest updates available to you in the Opogo web app. All of these features have been requested by you, our schools, as we continue to add to, and improve our product. There are three big improvements, plus a bunch of enhancements all listed below.

1. Keep signed in

We’ve updated our sign in page with a smart new design. But more importantly, we’ve included a ‘Keep me signed in’ tick box. Sign in with the box ticked and you’ll stay signed in until you select ‘Logout’ which can be accessed under your profile image.

2. More control over your Talent Pool

Recommendations now display in a neat list view with the options to quickly ‘Add to Talent Pool’ . There is also a new button to remove candidates from your recommendations by selecting ’Not interested’.

3. More visibility on candidate profiles with additional job roles

Candidates with more than one job profile will have these displayed under their ‘About’ section as additional roles. 


  • New ‘sign in’ page design 
  • Candidate availability dates display colour coded variations (Green = Available, Red = Unavailable, Orange = Booked at your school)
  • Quick link to the candidate’s profile from Talent Pool Members
  • Quick book improved ordering for available candidates
  • Recommendations can be quickly accessed from ‘Add a job’ screen
  • New rollover on additional job roles
  • Simplified Talent design
  • Our emails now link direct to Opogo web app content
  • New SMS job status updates – speak with your consultant if you would like this option added to your account

Top Tip

If you’ve saved the web app to your mobile, you will need to delete the bookmark and resave the web app to ensure you benefit from all of the above features. Please hit the “Function + F5” keys to run a hard refresh.