About Our Teaching Recruitment Agency in London

We are creating an ecosystem of value and happiness that improves the lives of everyone in education.

By pairing innovative technology with personal relationships, we are delivering a new kind of service to transform an industry.

Doing things differently? We get it. You’ve heard it before and are yet to be impressed. That’s fair. But at Opogo, we know actions speak louder than words, so we have taken on board over a decade’s worth of feedback from our partner company Thames Teachers to build a new service around the core needs of the sector; answering not one but all issues currently facing the profession.

But these are just words, we know.  And we also know that trust isn’t built on words.

In our first operational year, we have;

  • Enhanced the focus, skills and behaviours of over 5,000 children through our pioneering Teach programmes
  • Educated over 70,000 educators through the Opogo Hub and Community, globally
  • Partnered with leading education experts to bring the best quality personal and professional advice to educators, nationally
  • Brought free professional development to over 650 job seekers in the Opogo community
  • Nurtured new entrants into the profession through our university partnerships
  • Helped over 550 schools empower and retain their staff through our new education ecosystem and products

Every day, the team at Opogo comes to work with one simple mission; to improve the lives of each and every person touched by the education sector.

We are doing this by making sure educators have the right tools at the right times to make your jobs easier and more rewarding, so you can just focus on what it is you were born to do; impacting the lives of the young people you work with.

When committing yourself to something, you can’t simply modify one aspect of the equation in the hope of solving the whole thing. To innovate and make a difference, you need to look at the picture from the view of those it is impacting, and that’s what you’ll always find when you’re part of the Opogo community.

Want to pop by our office?

You’ll find our friendly team of consultants at:

The Spice Building,
8 Devonshire Square,
United Kingdom