Ambassador programme

It’s time to get more for doing what you love.

Two things are most important to us at Opogo;

  1. Teachers feeling supported, valued and engaged to maximize their impact
  2. Teachers earning a fair and sustainable salary

This is why we have launched the Opogo Ambassador Programme. Watch the video above to find out how it works and how you can be taking home an unlimited addition to your monthly pay packet.

Don’t forget to download the latest version of the app and sign up to Opogo to get started!


Why recommend your network to work with Opogo?


  • All members gain access to our incredible Community Experts such as Ross Morrison McGill, Ray Douglas and Diana Osagie


  • All members gain access to our designated and insightful consultant team, who offer best in class career advice, whenever you need it


  • All members gain access to our money saving perks like PerkBox and Free Umbrella Fees


  • All members gain access to our daily advice and tips published in the app


  • All members gain access to our busy schedule of CPD workshops and webinars.