As GCSE exams loom just months away, Year 11 pupils across the UK will be facing a number of challenges and will be feeling a range of anxiety, panic, apathy and positivity.

So how can we manage these feelings and help our pupils achieve success in the summer?

It is vital we acknowledge that exam success is different for every young person, so in this first blog, we will consider what success looks like and how you can help pupils set out to achieve their personal goals.

Success is a personal goal and whilst schools will measure success on the percentage of pupils achieving level 4s or above, within every Year 11 classroom there are young people with individual targets to reach and therefore success means something different to each and every one of them.

Without a clear path to travel and a destination to reach how can they measure success?

I work in a boys’ school and whilst the naturally competitive nature of boys can help peers raise their game, it is vital that pupils understand when it comes to their GCSE exams, it is all about them and their future.

So as we start this term I would recommend teachers ask pupils to identify what success means to them. What do they want to see when they open that envelope on 22nd August 2019? What do they need to achieve in order to progress on their journey?

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About our Community Expert

Head of Careers at The Windsor Boys’ School

Combining her business experience with an ability to engage KS4&5 pupils in the classroom has enabled Jo to specialise in delivering learning experiences linked to the ‘real world’.

An advocate of apprenticeships as an alternative to the traditional university route, Jo states her greatest job satisfaction has come from helping pupils into apprenticeship roles and seeing them thrive.