Have you ever found your stress levels peaking over the lack of candidates for a role you’re looking to fill? If the answer is yes, then a Talent Pool might just be the solution you need.

This week Opogo has launched our brand new Talent section of the Web App. This new series of features enables you to source, offer and manage new and existing candidates in a few simple clicks. Interested? Keep reading.

What is a Talent Pool?

Generally speaking, a Talent Pool is a dynamic portfolio of people who you have worked, are thinking of working or you prospectively are looking to hire to join your organisation. The idea is to compliantly keep candidate details on file until the relevant job becomes available. 

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How do I manage one?

Creating bespoke Talent Pools to fulfil all of your current resourcing needs has never been easier. Through the Opogo platform you can now start searching through hundreds of fully-vetted teachers and classroom assistants using the new Talent Management feature.

Whether you’re looking within your existing Talent Pool, through the candidates recommended for you by the Opogo consultant team or searching the full Opogo membership, you can now see each potential hires profile, compliance, skills and availability and can offer them work in three simple clicks.

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How do I attract the right candidates?

Recruiting the right person is difficult, which is why, when you spot someone good, you’ll want to hold onto their details for future reference. However, how do you go about attracting the right people in the first place?

The key is understanding the skills profile of the person you are looking for and matching against that. Not just being offered a list of people deemed suitable.

This is why we’re giving our clients access to our membership through the Opogo Web App, so you can source and view all candidates, to give you total transparency if finding the right candidates for you.

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What are the real benefits of using a Talent Pool?

The biggest advantage of having your own Talent Pool is the reduced time-to-hire as well as lower recruitment costs.  Having a well-structured record of candidates could support you and help you to fill vacancies quickly.

To make the process easier, speak to one of the Opogo team to get you set up on the Opogo Talent pool.

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Opogo Talent will shave off hours of time from the recruitment process for educators and schools through its innovative transparency and 3-click interface.


To find out more about how Opogo Talent can benefit you, visit opogo.com/talent for more information.


About the CEO


Justyn Randall

CEO  |  Founder

With extensive experience and strategic skill in building leading global marketing businesses across multiple sectors, Justyn is the CEO and founder of Opogo.

From his deep understanding of the industry and its challenges, Justyn launched Opogo with the prime motivation of transforming the experience of educators within the industry.