Webinar | Becoming a Subject Leader in Primary School

Becoming a Subject Leader in Primary School with Jasmin Choudhury | Tuesday 25 June 2019 | Webinar

Event description

Leading a subject area effectively is one of the most important tasks in securing high-quality teaching and learning in the classroom. Whether you have years of experience in that particular curriculum area, have a passion for that subject or you are stepping into your first leadership role, having the motivation and resilience to master new challenges as well as finding new and innovative ways of teaching will ensure your teaching has an impact.

Looking to successfully lead in a Primary setting? Join Community Expert Jasmin Choudhury as she takes you through her tried and tested strategies for effectively leading a subject area in school by giving you the skills to take the reins confidently.


What will be covered?

Throughout her session, Jasmin will talk you through the key areas of subject leadership, including:

• What to do if you want to be a subject leader?

• Why be a subject leader?

• Why are subject leaders important in schools?

• Your first steps as a subject leader.

• Developing monitoring techniques as a subject leader.

• Embedding passion, excellence and enjoyment of your subject.

• What to do if you are leading a subject you don’t enjoy.

• The importance of stakeholders in promoting your subject and holding you accountable.

• Preparing for Ofsted as a subject leader.

• Next steps after being a subject leader.

Who will benefit?

Aspiring leaders, NQTs, Year 3+ qualified teachers, middle leaders holding a subject and foreign teachers with specialisms.



When will the event take place?



Date: Tuesday 25 June 2019
 5:30pm – 6:30pm
Location: Online

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Speaker Profile: Jasmin Choudhury


Skilled in Coaching, Secondary Education, Classroom Management, Learning Environment, and Lesson Planning, Richard Endacott is an experienced teacher and Head of Humanities at Drayton Manor High School.

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Jasmin Choudhury Community Expert
Jasmin Choudhury Community Expert