Transforming the lives of everyone in education

We’re not just building a product, we’re cultivating a new education ecosystem

An ecosystem? That certainly is ambitious. But in order to deliver a sustainable and transformative service to the education sector, we need to be ambitious.

How does it work?

The Opogo ecosystem brings together like-minded people and organisations that share our passion for enriching the experience of education and packages them up into a simple suite of services that are available through the Opogo App and Schools Web Platform.

We are working with current, past and future educators and innovators from fields such as teacher training and development, digital skills, performance management and mental health and wellness to ensure education professionals have everything they need to thrive in their career.


An Ecosystem for our Members

At Opogo, we call our educator customers, ‘Members’. And our services are FREE to our community Members, forever.

By working in partnership with those currently working in the profession and also those that have left recently, we are able to continually develop the features we offer our Members to ensure they are improving the day to day experience of those working in education. Some of these features include;

  • Designated career consultants and community managers
  • Daily tips and advice from education experts in The Hub
  • Smart job searches and school matching
  • Availability and journey planners
  • Hassle-free digital timesheets
  • FREE webinars & CPD events
  • FREE umbrella fees for those working with us
  • Professional networking opportunities
  • Career support on the phone, in-app or face-to-face
  • Unique codes for our Ambassador Programme


An Ecosystem for our Partners

Because we know success is driven by strong and authentic relationships, we call the schools that work with us our ‘Partners’.

Alongside the benefits of working with our expert consultant teams, Partner schools get access to a bespoke version of the Opogo Web App, tailored for your team or schools group. On this platform, we offer your staff a suite of custom features depending on the role they have within your setting. Some of these features include;

For all staff;

  • Daily professional development tools and tips produced in partnership with leading educators and thought leaders across the country like Ross Morrison McGill and Ray Douglas.
  • Access to our ground-breaking Teach Programmes that improve educator skills but also personal wellbeing, happiness and job satisfaction.
  • Access to the full Opogo Courses area which houses hours of additional on-demand CPD
  • Access to both exclusive digital and face-to-face professional development programmes
  • As much in-house training and development material as you wish to upload and feature.

For HR/Finance;

  • Post jobs in under 1 minute
  • Intelligent job/candidate matching
  • Future talent pooling
  • Preferred staff-bank building
  • Electronic timesheets and invoicing
  • 100% consultant-vetted, quality candidates
  • Digital compliance passport for all potential hires


Joining the Ecosystem

Through our new Education Ecosystem, we are improving conditions for employers, employees and the pupils you are responsible for.

To find out more about how the Opogo Ecosystem can add value to your school or career, please contact our amazing team of consultants on

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